Current Yoga Classes

Current Yoga Classes

Healing Chair Yoga

This Chair Yoga class is perfect for everyBODY but especially for those who want to participate in yoga but have challenges getting down to a yoga mat on the floor. The class is taught in a way that is supportive and inclusive for all members of the community. All of the yoga poses are adapted to the chair, with multiple options offered so that everybody can participate at the same time, regardless of age, level of experience or ability. If you are in a wheelchair – you can join our class. Each student can take an approach that may be gentle and mindful, or more dynamic and challenging depending on their own personal needs. Get fit where you sit on any chair, anywhere!
Led by JJ Gormley, Monday at 10:00 AM

Active Yoga Basics

This class will offer an active, sometimes challenging mixture of postures in a therapeutic sequence. While not necessary, you will benefit from the help of two yoga blocks and strap.
Led by Kristen Rae, Tuesady @ 10:30 AM

Chair Yoga with Howie Shareff and Guest Teachers

Enjoy 45 minutes of a Chair Yoga class that explores adaptations of conventional and creative yoga poses to provide an accessible, functional, and fun experience. The 8-week series starts with Howie Shareff leading a Foundations class on Jan. 9, and continues with various guest teachers.  We will post the roster of teachers as we receive confirmations. Stay tuned!
Led by various teachers, Wednesday @ 11:00 AM

Deep Stretch

This class is for all-levels.  It begins with breath work and grounding, followed by mindful movement to build strength and balance, and concludes with active stretching and grounding poses. Deep Stretch incorporates longer holds of 3-5 minutes and utilizes the breath to allow the body to relax, release and restore.
Led by Niambi Goings, Thursday @ 7:00 PM

Stretch & Rest

Stretch & Rest opens space for deep relaxation by calming the sympathetic nervous system through breath and mindfulness. You will be guided through a series of intentional, seated stretches to prepare for the restorative portion of the class, which will consist of supported seated and reclining yoga postures. The entire class can be practiced while seated. Find a level, stable chair or seat. Prior to class, gather items that help foster comfort, such as pillows and blankets. A yoga bolster and blocks can be helpful, too.
Led by Kristen Rae, Friday @ 10:00 AM

Chair & Standing Yoga in Spanish

This is an inclusive gentle class designed for anyone focusing on healing and stress reduction, regardless of his/her condition or level of physical ability. This class integrates asanas (seated and standing), breathing practices, mindfulness, guided meditation, and relaxation techniques, all as a therapy not only for the body but for the mind and soul, allowing you to feel both relaxed and energized at the same time. Focusing beyond postural practice the class seeks to offer through Yoga, a sanctuary, a laboratory, an opportunity, a place for contemplation, and the expression of compassion and respect for ourselves and for life itself. It is also an opportunity to cultivate ease in the body and quiet in the mind, which will give you a greater sense of wellbeing. Recommended props: a mat, a sturdy, stable chair, a blanket, and a pillow.
Led by Amma Fandiño, Saturday @ 10:00 AM

In-person SAFE Yoga

SAFE is an acronym for Sharing, Accessible, Free-flowing, Energy.  This program seeks to engage and educate racial/ethnic minorities and low-income populations about the benefits of community yoga classes. The goals of this program include expanding students’ views of yoga and providing knowledge of how to integrate yoga into their everyday lives as they cultivate sobriety skills and sustain healthy living through movement.
Led by Kiesha Battles and Team in Greensboro, Saturday @ 10:30 AM