Teach Yoga with a Purpose

If you are a yoga teacher in our area who is supportive of your students and other yoga teachers, you are invited to inquire about joining our team. You Call This Yoga is a service-based organization that thrives due to its professional yoga teachers. Our team of teachers are united in sharing yoga in a mindful, safe and understandable manner.

Our Executive Director often refers to our organization as a “social entrepreneurial endeavor,” as we build a network of adaptive, accessible yoga programs. Our teachers participate in and benefit from this interactivity. We build teams by networking with each other, engaging with our organization’s committees, and utilizing teacher continuing education incentives.

Become a YCTY Teacher

YCTY reviews the credentials of and interviews teachers for its existing or proposed programs. When we match a teacher with the proper skill set with a supportive host, we usually explore a pilot program for 3 to 4 months. Teachers are often supported by stipends from YCTY and other sources.

If you are interested in becoming a teacher for YCTY, please complete our YCTY Ambassador Intake Survey. We need your contact and professional information, along with any teaching preferences. We will then share with you our brief Ambassador Manual to learn more about YCTY and our efforts to help the physically challenged and underserved improve their life with yoga.

Contact our Director, Howie Shareff, if you have questions about the form.