Enhancing Well-being with Accessible Yoga

Yoga Throughout the Triangle Area

Our mission is to provide free, accessible yoga practices to enhance physical and emotional well-being, both virtually and regionally in-person.

You Call This Yoga’s focus has always been about bringing yoga to people who may not usually have access to classes and the benefits of the practice. Since 2010, we are an educational nonprofit, with several years of experience providing free classes in public and other nonprofit settings. To achieve our mission of inclusive, accessible yoga, we recruited passionate teachers, volunteers, and community partners to provide experiences in the Wake, Durham, and Orange Counties of North Carolina.

When COVID-19 arrived, our weekly classes were cancelled for the safety of our members and communities. To continue our outreach, classes have been offered virtually since May 2019 and we have maintained some of our student and sponsor relationships, continuing to grow our regional and international presence. However, we have found that the best results are achieved when we are physically with the community, so we aim to have a blend of in-person and virtual classes going forward.