Business  Sponsors

Build Goodwill and Community Connection

You Call This Yoga’s strategy is to develop partnerships with ethical, community-oriented people, businesses and entities to support our programs that provide significant improvement in the quality of people’s lives. These partnerships include funding for, and/or hosting of, our programs for their participants who are physically or emotionally challenged adults or underserved youth. We create jobs, foster health and healing by directing a high percentage of our money raised towards class programming, which is mostly paid as stipend for teachers.

You Can Help

You can Sponsor our organization by making a cash, volunteer or in-kind service donation that may range from $6,000+ (Diamond), $4,000 (Platinum), $2,000 (Gold) $1,200 (Silver), $600 (Bronze), or $400 (Supporting) to any dollar amount. These may be a tax-deductible (by law) donation or marketing expense that will create a significant, positive impact on community health. We rely on our community of donors, volunteer professionals, and support staff to develop, promote, and sustain our accessible yoga programs.

Our Current Sponsors

Each business or individual listed below supports one or more of our programs for several months of the year either in funding or in-kind services.  Please, click on a name or logo to learn more about our angels.


Providing at least two years of funding for teacher stipends.


Providing at least 12 months of funding for teacher stipends or in-kind value to our programs.


Providing at least 6 months of funding for teacher stipends or in-kind value to our programs.



Providing smooth operations for You Call This Yoga.

Gain Value for Your Business

For our Business Sponsors, You Call This Yoga will significantly promote their business throughout our media and may provide yoga and wellness education at their location. Our robust media channels include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Internet programming, monthly newsletter, and website.

Become a YCTY Business Sponsor

Contact our Director, Howie Shareff, to discuss potential business partnerships.