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Foster Healing While Building Community Connection

YCTY sponsors are the lifeline for the production of our free online yoga classes. They fund our yoga teachers who provide an inclusive environment with practices that are adapted to various levels of student skill, sensitivities, and mobility. We develop partnerships with ethical, community-oriented people, businesses, and entities whose mission aligns with ours. From that, we cross promote each other as mutually agreed upon to expand our reach and impact in the community.

We have retained two key sponsorships for 2022 from Active Healthcare in Raleigh, NC and Waverly Hematology Oncology in Cary, NC and will continue to provide safe space to anyone who may have been touched by cancer. A significant new sponsor is Meals on Wheels of Wake County, who allows anyone who is 60+ years old to join our weekly chair yoga class at three locations. View this brief video news report.

Yoga has a long history of enhancing well-being. With your sponsorship, we can provide an opportunity for anyone to learn about and experience the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga.

How You Can Help

Sponsorship may range from $6,000+ (Diamond), $4,000 (Platinum), $2,000 (Gold) $1,200 (Silver), $600 (Bronze), or $400 (Supporting) to any dollar amount. These may be a tax-deductible (by law) donation or marketing expense that will create a significant, positive impact on community health by sustaining our free online yoga classes.

Download our Sponsor Information Flyer (PDF) and share it with your organization.

Our Current Sponsors

Each business or individual listed below supports one or more of our programs for several months of the year either in funding or in-kind services.  Please, click on a name or logo to learn more about our angels.


Supporting two teacher stipends and class production for two years.


Providing at least two years of funding for teacher stipends.

Meals on Wheels Wake County logo


Providing at least 12 months of funding for teacher stipends or in-kind value to our programs.

Alliance Medical Ministry


Providing at least 6 months of funding for teacher stipends or in-kind value to our programs.


FPC of Raleigh
FPC of Raleigh


Ricci Law Firm, PA

What We Provide

You Call This Yoga will significantly promote you, your business, or entity throughout our media. Our robust media channels include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, video blogs, monthly newsletter, and website.

Become a YCTY Business Sponsor

Contact our Director, Howie Shareff, to discuss potential business partnerships.