Desk Yoga

Is Your Work-From-Home Routine Making Your Back Pain Worse? What if a few small, simple changes in your daily habits could improve your back pain? Maybe you have tried pain medication, chiropractic, massage, and group yoga classes but the pain keeps coming back. If you have been struggling with pain returning after you’ve tried everything,…

Fostering Equanimity through Yoga for Those Touched by Cancer

As an oncology nurse for over three decades,  I have had the immense privilege of caring for individuals and families affected by cancer. Several years ago I was overcome with a strong desire to become a yoga teacher so I could share the benefits of yoga with cancer patients/survivors.  My long-held desire finally came to fruition…

Yoga Prop Substitutions with Common Household Items

Are you stuck at home during social isolation and want to take an online yoga class but don’t have any props?  Don’t Worry! In this video blog, Yoga instructor Cheryl Brown explains how you can use common household items instead.

Tips to Manage Chronic Disease

In this Backyard video blog, Howie Shareff, Founder and Executive Director of You Call This Yoga and Wellness Coach Deb Orol discuss chronic diseases and tips on how to address them.

Inviting Seniors to the Yoga Party

Yoga is a very adaptable activity that people with different physical needs can practice. The best part about yoga is that you don’t need much equipment to get into it, just an open mind. And, seniors can certainly benefit from the practice. Aside from its physical and mental advantages, yoga also has benefits to your…