Bilingual Chair Yoga Doubles the Fun

Yoga practice takes a new spin with bilingual classes that are broadcast virtually and in-person for patients at Alliance Medical Ministry (AMM) in Raleigh, NC. Our team of co-teachers Carolina Chavez and Howie Shareff has brought back weekly chair and standing yoga classes to our longstanding partner. Each Tuesday in February from 6:30-7:15 pm the duo has introduced and developed body and breath awareness through classic poses (Mountain, Warrior), as well as sequences to relax the shoulders and open the heart center.

Bilingual Chair YogaHowie was introduced to AMM in 2013 by bilingual yoga instructor Elise Dorsett, who volunteered at the facility. Chair yoga was introduced for people to improve mobility, breathing and sense of community. Several teachers have taught there over the years, including Howie with his three page worksheet of yoga terms in Spanish. Now, Carolina Chavez has taken the lead. This is a natural progression as Carolina also teaches a weekly bilingual mat class for YCTY over Zoom.

Join in and view this video of their class. You can experience the benefits of seated yoga and learn bits of yoga in a different language. All in the comforts of your own home or any other location.

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