The Joy of Teaching Community Yoga

community yoga at the library
Community Yoga at the Library

To put it simply, we have a lot of fun. I really enjoy seeing students trying new things, laughing, and learning about their bodies. That moment where a student starts to get it and the posture really lines up for them. It just clicks and they feel more comfortable and confident in the posture. And everyone can share in that knowledge and experience. It feels really good to share and be a part of something bigger than myself.

I see people talking and getting to know each other after class and making connections. Students come up to me after class and share their journey with me or ask questions about their practice. It’s a great opportunity for me to learn and grow as a teacher and share my expertise and passion for yoga.

I’m looking forward to every new opportunity to connect with my community. Next, I’ll be teaching at Shelly Lake on Thursday, October 12, at 8:30am. In the shaded area by the water near the small parking lot off Millbrook. I’m eager to see who I’ll meet and what friends I’ll make next.


About the author

Ben Clarke (RYT-500, HHP) started his yoga practice after a cancer diagnosis in 2016, as a way of recovering from chemo and surgeries. He’s found it to be pivotal in helping him re-inhabit his body, reduce stress and anxiety, build back strength, and improve flexibility and energy levels. He became a certified yoga teacher in 2018, and he’s been a holistic health practitioner since 2012. For Ben, yoga is about calming the mind and warming the body. Ben strives to create a safe space for your yoga practice and offers options in his classes to encourage you to listen to your body and take the option that’s right for you.