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The current pandemic has greatly disrupted the way YCTY shares yoga, who is participating, as well as how You Call This Yoga acquires funding for our free, accessible programs. Due to the cancellation of our community-building fundraisers, YogaFest NC and Bliss Body Yoga Anniversary, we are back to grass roots, relying on individuals and businesses to help us move forward.

The work we do depends on you!

What has happened since April 2020

  • YogaFestOnline 1, 2 and 3: Three free weekend-long festivals in May, June & August that reached 1,466 people worldwide.
  • YCTY’s Summer of Love 2020: Nine free classes each week in July and August that reached 694 people.
  • Autumn Harvest of Yoga (AHoY 2020):  Thirteen free classes per week, from September 18 to December 12, providing specialty classes in Spanish, and for the BIPOC community.

What you can do

Donate and become a shareholder in community well-being. Sponsor levels of $600 or more can help develop the theme or focus of their class. All donors can be acknowledged on our Sponsor/Donor website page:

What your generous donations can provide

$3,000 – Platinum Sponsor (60 established classes, over 18 months – a profound impact)
$1,800 – Gold Sponsor (40 established classes, over 12 months – a significant impact)
$1,200 – Silver Sponsor (30 new classes, over 9 months – a very meaningful impact)
$600 – Bronze Sponsor (12 healing classes, over 3 months – a treasured impact)
$300 – All Star (6 classes from around the world, over 3 months – an adventurous impact)
$150 – Angel (A workshop between sessions – an engaging impact)
$100 – Inspirer (2 classes from around the world, over 3 months – an eye-opening statement)
$50 – Nurturer  (Teacher stipend for one class – a sweet statement)
$25 – Supporter (Cost of hourly media support – a statement to the world)
$10 – Believer (Cost for platform to broadcast an online class – a statement of desire)

You can donate three ways

1. Mail us a check

Please send to:

You Call This Yoga

7508 Haymarket Lane

Raleigh, NC 27615

2. Use PayPal

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