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Chair & Standing Yoga in Spanish with Amma: online

This is an inclusive gentle class designed for anyone focusing on healing and stress reduction, regardless of his/her condition or level of physical ability. This class integrates asanas (seated and standing), breathing practices, mindfulness, guided meditation, and relaxation techniques, all as a therapy not only for the body but for the mind and soul, allowing you to feel both relaxed and energized at the same time. Focusing beyond postural practice the class seeks to offer through Yoga, a sanctuary, a laboratory, an opportunity, a place for contemplation, and the expression of compassion and respect for ourselves and for life itself. It is also an opportunity to cultivate ease in the body and quiet in the mind, which will give you a greater sense of wellbeing. Recommended props: a mat, a sturdy, stable chair, a blanket, and a pillow.

Alternating Chair/Mat Yoga with Cassandra: in person in Charlotte

Alternating chair and gentle mat yoga for all skill levels. Bring props if you like. Mats provided. Tea after class, too!

Gentle Yoga with Christa: in-person in Durham

We will explore the foundations of yoga and how they can be applied to your life both on and off the yoga mat. We will begin with breathing practices, and develop postures, slow movements and a simple meditation practice to relax your body and mind. You will learn how to improve your focus, balance and mobility in an accessible way. Anyone is welcome. 

Alternating Chair/Mat Yoga with JJ: in-person in Raleigh

Alternating chair and gentle mat yoga for all skill levels. Bring props if you like. Mats provided. Tea after class, too!

Alternating Chair/Mat Yoga with Kimberly: in-person in Boone

Alternating chair and gentle mat yoga for all skill levels. Bring props if you like. Mats provided. Tea after class, too!

Gentle Yoga Flow with Shakira & Karla: in person in Durham

Join us for a gentle mat class that is a full body practice for functional movement and stress management. We will begin with a slow warm up. This involves focusing on/connecting with our breathing, then gradually moving into a variety of postures that may be supported by props, such as yoga blocks and straps. You have the room to choose what versions of the pose are best suited for you during the practice. To complete our practice together, we settle in with a guided savasana/reclining rest. The class is suitable for all levels of experience. We alternate English spoken classes with Spanish & English classes.

Mat Yoga Warmup with Kristen: online

Yoga Warmup is an alignment based practice that meets you where you are. We will experience seated and standing shapes that build warmth in your body. This class is body-accommodating. 2 yoga or exercise blocks the same size, will be helpful!

SAFE Yoga with Andrea & team: in-person in Greensboro

SAFE is an acronym for Safe, Accessible, Free-flowing, Energy.  This program seeks to engage and educate racial/ethnic minorities and low-income populations about the benefits of community yoga classes. The goals of this program include expanding students’ views of yoga and providing knowledge of how to integrate yoga into their everyday lives and sustain healthy living through movement.

Community Yoga with Christa, Shakira, & Team: in-person in Durham

Join YCTY Durham Yoga Team and Partners for a Community Yoga Series at Durham Central Park. We’ll meet on the 4th Sunday of every month at 5:00 PM as we come together to practice and connect. Our monthly gatherings offer a nurturing space for movement, meditation, and building community bonds. Meet your neighbors, savor a cup of infused tea or water, and contribute to the sustainability of our programs. Come, be part of something meaningful.YCTY, aka You Call This Yoga, is a nonprofit organization that offers free accessible yoga practices, and welcomes donations to “pay it forward”.

Gentle Yoga Flow with Veronica at the North Regional Library in Raleigh

This mat yoga class is for all levels of experience, and taught in Spanish and English. Students can experience a sequence of slow flowing postures with many options and modifications to meet their needs. Yoga can help improve breathing, flexibility, and strength. Come enjoy community yoga in two languages!

Esta clase de yoga es para todos los niveles y se imparte en Español e Inglés. Los estudiantes pueden experimentar una secuencia de posturas de ritmo lento con muchas opciones y modificaciones para satisfacer sus necesidades. El yoga puede ayudar a mejorar la respiración, la flexibilidad y la fuerza. ¡Ven a disfrutar de una clase comunitaria de yoga en dos idiomas!

Get ready to enjoy a variety of chair and gentle mat classes, including:

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  • A bilingual class, led in English and Spanish

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