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Meet Karla Vallecillo

Meet Karla Vallecillo, a bilingual and inspiration yoga teacher who is helping us bring more resources to the BIPOC and Spanish-speaking yoga communities.

Meet the Community Yoga Teachers

Meet the talented and dedicated yoga teachers who led the spring sessions of Community Yoga (BIPOC Healing).

Teaching Yoga on Zoom: My Path to Acceptance

At the beginning of the pandemic, a local yoga teacher had no desire to teach her classes on Zoom. But, as things stretched out, she really missed this important part of her life. She faced the reality of virtual classes or no classes – finding both good and bad aspects, and learning to accept it all.

I’m Not Flexible, So I Can’t Practice Yoga

Everytime I hear someone utter those words “I’m not flexible, so I can’t practice yoga” I physically react, shake my head and utter “Yoga is for every BODY.” 

Karma Yoga and the Season of Giving

Visualize yourself a traveler preparing for your dream trip. You’re seeking a place called Mokṣa (मोक्ष). This is a country like no other where all beings are well, all beings are free, and all beings have peace.