Tips for Optimizing Your Home Practice

Here are 7 easy ways to include Yoga in your daily routine to help you beat stress and ease your mood. These simple tips have helped a great many people and they are my secret to staying fit with every breath.

Seven Tips for Yoga Home Practice

1) Begin the morning by hugging your knees to your chest, rocking back and forth.

2) As you brush your teeth, practice Tree Pose for balance and stability.

3) While preparing coffee, practice Warrior Pose or Mountain Pose. This strengthens your ligaments and tendons of the feet.

4) De-stress your neck and shoulder by rolling your shoulders forward and backward. Adding shoulder shrugs feels yummy.

5) As you begin work, sit up nice and tall, raise your hand with deep inhalation, and twist to the side as you exhale. Once again, inhale with your hands going up. Bring your hands to your knees, sliding your hands down a neutral back.

6) While sitting on your chair, engage your core. Do a few sit-ups and repeat as often as possible. 

7) Stress and anxiety may cause inadequate breathing, without us knowing. Bring yourself to practice deep inhalation and exhalation. Practice Box Breathing: inhale through your lips as if you were sipping a drink from a straw at a slow pace and exhale at a slow pace. Feel rejuvenated.

Let me know which one worked the best for you.  My favorite is #1 – a stretch+massage combo before getting out of bed keeps me going all day!

The article was specially written by Anjana Rathore for You Call This Yoga.