More Tips for Optimizing Your Home Practice

Adjusting to a Home Practice

Teaching yoga through Zoom has allowed me the opportunity to share the love of the practice during the pandemic and to help yogis slow down and find their breath.  Providing a class of moving through asanas, mindfulness, and savasana.  I never imagined I would be sharing my practice online but here I am.  And believe it or not – it is still wonderful.  But let’s not kid ourselves, there is nothing better than a hands-on adjustment or assist during a practice.  For this reason, I make it a priority to help those in class really feel the pose through cues or closing our eyes and noticing the feeling of the physical body during the practice.

Keep a “Glass Half Full” Mindset

With our world full of uncertainties, it is important to feel grounded, connected, and able to escape on the mat for 60 minutes.  It can transform your day and your mindset.  To optimize an at-home practice, allow yourself the time and try to create a space without outside distractions, no matter how small.  Trust me, I have unrolled my mat in some interesting places.  Dress in the most comfortable clothes, no one knows!  Round up items to use as props — blankets, towels (for a strap), pillows.  And,  I’d like to share that Tupperware makes great blocks!

There are pros and cons to everything. It boils down to “is the glass half empty or half full?” We get to decide that much in our world. I know the day will come when we will return to our mats together.  Until then, take the time to care for yourself, slow down, and breathe.


The article was specially written by Michaele Woodhouse for You Call This Yoga.