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Tips for Optimizing Your Home Practice

Here are 7 ways to beat stress and ease your mood. These simple tips, shared by Anjana Rathmore, have helped great many people and are her secret to staying fit with every breath.  

Lessons in Resilience

My intention as I began the Gentle Yoga for Resilience series for You Call This Yoga was to bring mental and physical skills to participants in order to develop resilience during this pandemic. Over the past several weeks, I have been observing my own development of resilience. It has been a part of my practice of “svadyaya” or self-study. Never before in my yoga teaching career has there been such a large cultural experience impacting my students as well as myself. As I am teaching about resilience, I am also working to strengthen my own resiliency.

What To Do When Your Mind Won’t Let Me Meditate

Guest post from Tom Spector, PhD of Hatha House…

Meditation in Motion

Do you find that walking or running on an elliptical…

The Beauty of Flowers Live On, Long After They Bloom within Susan’s Garden

Susan Kilmon, a long-time friend and Board of…