YogaFestOnline 3 Classes

Our YogaFestOnline 3 Classes

** Friday, August 28 **

Opening Ceremony: Stretch & Rest

After an introduction to the our weekend event, Kristen Rae will lead a restorative yoga class. Stretch & Rest opens space for deep relaxation by calming the sympathetic nervous system through breath and mindfulness. You will be guided through a series of intentional, seated stretches to prepare for the restorative portion of the class, which will consist of supported seated and reclining yoga postures. The entire class can be practiced while seated. Find a level, stable chair or seat on the floor. Prior to class, gather items that help foster comfort, such as pillows and blankets. A yoga bolster and blocks can be helpful, too.
(Led by Kristen Rae, LIVE from Clayton, NC, USA :: Friday @10:30 – 11:30am EDT)

Chair: Wheelchair-friendly Yoga Class

This is an inclusive practice for people with limited mobility or disability. The class is taught entirely in a chair, and includes adaptations as needed. Open to complete beginners, people with limited mobility / disability, senior citizens, families and care-takers. The class follows the classical style of Hatha Yoga with affirmation and sound therapy, postures, relaxation, breathing techniques, meditation, and mindfulness strategies for living peacefully. NOTE: For those who need assistance to move, please be sure to have someone with you.
(Led by Hersha Chellaram, LIVE from Hong Kong :: Friday @6:30 – 7:30pm EDT)

Gentle Mat: Explore Your Core

We’ve all been a bit idle lately, so let’s reintroduce ourselves to our core! Let’s meet on the mat and heat up the core with style and grace. Great class for beginners to advanced level students.
(Led by Briana Young-Roane, LIVE from Virginaia Beach, VA, USA :: Friday @8:00 – 9:00pm EDT)

Meditation: Yin Yoga and Meditation

This hour-long practice will begin with a brief sequence of gentle, restorative poses before moving into a yoga nidra for relaxation. It concludes with a 15-minute loving kindness meditation. Throughout, we will focus on cultivating ahimsa, seeking to move beyond non- violence to access our profound love and respect for all beings.
(Led by Maria Pramaggiore, LIVE from Cary, NC, USA :: Friday @9:30 – 10:30pm EDT)

Flow: Lofi Flow

Lofi Flow features chilled out beats synced up to your breath and movement. You will feel reset, reorganized, and good about who you are.
(Led by Laurel Adair, LIVE from Australia :: Friday @11:00pm – midnight EDT)


** Saturday, August 29 **

Gentle Mat: Vinyasa & Meditation

Enjoy an easeful Vinyasa flow with meaningful time for meditation.
(Led by Courtney Gendron, LIVE from Charlotte, NC, USA :: Saturday @8:00 – 9:00am EDT)

Chair & Mat: Accessible Yoga

Accessible Yoga is an inclusive, gentle class designed for anyone focusing on healing and stress
reduction, regardless his/her condition or level of physical ability. This class offers a unique fluid
combination of asanas (seated and standing), breathing practices, and relaxation techniques
that allow you to feel both relaxed and energized at the same time. The emphasis of the
class encourages an inward connection and is an opportunity to cultivate ease in the body and
quiet in the mind, that will give you a greater sense of wellbeing. Recommended props: a mat, a
sturdy, stable chair, a blanket, and a pillow.
(Led by Amma Fandiño, LIVE from Colombia, South America :: Saturday @9:30 – 10:30am EDT)

Youth: Yoga Kids Have Yoga Fun!

This yoga experience empowers, uplifts and relaxes you as you experience yoga and mindfulness in a safe space. Enjoy music, games and fun! This experience encourages positive thinking, problem solving skills and enhances self-esteem. Engage in your yoga experience to express your creativity on the mat.
(Led by Ingrid Sadler-Walker, LIVE from Durham, NC, USA :: Saturday @11:00am – noon EDT)

Gentle Mat: Healing Yoga

Each of us needs healing, be it from injury, disease, stress, grief, or other life experiences. Enjoy a gentle integration of multiple yoga styles, including breath work, stretching, Yin (holding the poses), slow flow, and balance, with special emphasis on correct alignment. No two bodies are the same, and we’ll explore multiple options so that all participants are comfortable. This class is suggested for beginner and intermediate yoga levels. Appropriate for very low to average mobility range. Required props: 2 blocks, blanket, strap or necktie, bolster or pillow.
(Led by Margie Satinsky, LIVE from Durham, NC, USA :: Saturday @12:30 – 1:30pm EDT)

Chair: Chair Yoga to Boost Energy & Build Confidence

Chair yoga is often perceived as yoga for those who want a quiet, meditative practice, or only for those who have physical limitations. And, of course, it’s brilliant for these practices! You can also have a real workout on a chair, even if you have physical challenges. This class will incorporate all yoga’s wonderful elements — intentional breathing, purposeful movement, and mindful meditation — to bring energy and confidence to body and mind. Join us for a workout and a “work in”  that is fully accessible to all!
(Led by Liz Oppedijk, LIVE from Durham, NC, USA :: Saturday @2:00 – 3:00pm EDT)

Flow: Hip Hop and Chill

This 60-minute vinyasa class is the perfect saturday evening wind-down. enjoy a challenging, slower-paced vinyasa class backed by hip-hop’s greatest artists. Activate, lengthen, strengthen major muscle groups before mellowing out into sweet stillness. It’s gold, baby!
(Led by Erica LaGarde, LIVE from Raleigh, NC, USA :: Saturday @3:30 – 4:30pm EDT)

Gentle Mat: Myofascial Release

This practice will target tight spots in your feet and legs releasing tension in this part of your body. You will need 2 tennis balls, 2 blocks or books, and 1 or 2 blankets or towels.
(Led by Lucia Rodriguez, LIVE from Ecuador, South America :: Saturday @5:00 – 6:00pm EDT)

Chair: LV Chair Yoga

This Chair Yoga class is perfect for everyBODY but especially for those who want to participate in yoga but have challenges getting down to a yoga mat on the floor. The class is taught in a way that is supportive and inclusive for all members of the community. All of the yoga poses are adapted to the chair, with multiple options offered so that everybody can participate at the same time, regardless of age, level of experience or ability. If you are in a wheelchair,  you can join our class. All students can take an approach that may be gentle and mindful, or more dynamic and challenging, depending on their own personal needs. Get fit where you sit on any chair, anywhere!
(Led by Claire Cuneen, LIVE from Australia :: Saturday @6:30 – 7:30pm EDT)

Gentle Mat: Stellar Yoga Basics

This is a basic class with all levels of yoga experience welcome. It will include all five elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. We will begin our 55-minute class with a restorative meditation (earth). Then we will focus and appreciate our breath (air), move gently with fluidity from one pose to another (water), build inner strength (fire), and acknowledge our limitless possibilities (space). We will end class with a full appreciation for the practice of yoga = self love.
(Led by Miriam Frost, LIVE from Atlanta, GA, USA :: Saturday @8:00 – 9:00pm EDT)

Chair: Stress Releasing Accessible Yoga

This class is based on gentle accessible yoga. It is for people who feel stress and lose their balance both mentally and physically, especially now in a world burdened with COVID-19.
(Led by Yoko Nakano, LIVE form Japan :: Saturday @9:30 – 10:30pm EDT)


** Sunday, August 30 **

Chair: Managing Uncertainty On & Off the Chair

With the current situation and everything that is going on in the world, there is no doubt we are living in uncertain times. Blending an active chair yoga class with breathing techniques, this class will guide you through a series of postures to let your head get really quiet as you move from the body-led space, trusting that this Body-Mind-Spirit being that is You knows exactly what it needs to come back to its centre assisting you to manage uncertainty on and off the chair. This class is open to intermediate students.
(Led by Sara de Miguel Hernandez, LIVE from Cork, Ireland :: Sunday @8:00 – 9:00am EDT)

Family: Family Yoga and Mindfulness

Join us for yoga, mindfulness, and fun for the entire family! This class will focus on playful poses, engaging games, simple breathing techniques, partnered family poses, and family relaxation. Family yoga is recommended for ages 3-11. No previous experience is required.
(Led by Mayuri Gonzalez, LIVE from New York City, NY, USA :: Sunday @9:30 – 10:30am EDT)

Meditation: Sound Immersion

Sound Immersion, simply put, is soaking yourself in the frequencies of sound while integrating that immersion with stillness and silence. Deep resonator bowls, specially hand-crafted in pure bronze, emit long, sustaining and mild vibrations that travel deep within your being. At the same time, the beats of the various singing bowls rhythmically create a subtle musical resonance. An immersive experience with sound, the session starts with a brief, settling, guided meditation. The next 55 minutes are an experience of pure, rich, and energizing sounds created by our hand-crafted singing bowls. You will experience deep sounds that offer you the chance to reach out to them and follow them with your breath, your body, and your mind. This session places sound vibrations deep within your energy being. Get set to stage a calming live concert within yourself.
(Led by Poonam Bhasin, LIVE from Dubai, UAE :: Sunday @11:00am – noon EDT)

Gentle Mat: Yoga Stretch

A calm, relaxing yoga class open to all levels and abilities. We’ll focus on stretching, breathing, relaxing the whole body, and relieving pain in our heads, necks, backs, arms and shoulders.
(Led by Janice Krakowski, LIVE from Garner, NC, USA :: Sunday @12:30 – 1:30pm EDT)