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** Friday, June 26 **

Chair Yoga: It’s not just sitting around!

Join Anita for an invigorating and grounding chair yoga session. The class is accessible for folks with mobility impairments, fun, and beneficial for everyone! Suggested for beginner to intermediate yoga levels, appropriate for limited to average mobility range, but open to all. Recommended props: a sturdy, stable chair that will not slip on the floor and a blanket or pillow. (Led by Anita Haravon, Friday @6:30 – 7:30pm EDT)

Active: Slow Flow

Unwind from the week with a mellow vinyasa practice, focusing on grounding and expansion through a series of standing postures, hip openers, and soft twists. Recommended props: two blocks. (Led by Bethany Goodson, Friday @8:00 – 9:00pm EDT)

Yin: Sitting with Yin Mudra and Meditation

Warm up the major joints of the body. Move the spine in all directions. Practice breathing techniques and hand gestures (mudras). All in preparation to sit still for 10 minutes of Yin Meditation. (Led by Kiesha Battles, Friday @9:30 – 10:30pm EDT)


** Saturday, June 27 **

Unique: Nad Yog (Sound Yoga)

Naad yog (sound yoga) is the practice of using sound vibrations to connect with, and ultimately realize our essential unity with, the Universe. The fundamental techniques include Sanskrit pronunciation, natural musical notes, mantra chanting and raags, which can all be used in your own spiritual journey. This introductory session will focus on the dual aspects of ‘svar’, a multi-layered ancient term meaning ‘that which shines on its own’, and ‘to sound’. The first aspect relates to the harmonic frequencies of natural musical notes, and the second to Sanskrit’s vowel sounds. We will learn how to correctly pronounce the ten main vowels, and also begin our exploration of the seven shuddha (pure) notes in an octave. (Led by Ashish Dha, Saturday @8:00 – 9:00am EDT)

Active: Yoga for Everyone

Yoga for Everyone is an introduction to a basic vinyasa flow class. The is a flow class rated “E” for everyone. A return to the basics of yoga postures and breath. Great for beginners and advanced beginners with lots of opportunities to customize the flow to fit your body and skill level. This is a celebration of what your body can do through joyful movement. (Led by Dianne Bondy, Saturday @9:30 – 10:30am EDT)

Gentle: Slow Hatha Yoga

This is a slow-paced gentle yoga class based on simple Hatha yoga asanas. The class will start with ‘Pranayama’ and a simple breathing exercise called ‘Kapalabathi’ to cleanse the respiratory system and invigorate our energy. We will focus on stretching connective tissue and fascia by holding poses longer. The class is accessible to all, regardless of injuries and limitations. Please be ready with any props, chairs, and blankets you might need to feel safe and supported. (Led by Vandana Sood-Giddings, Saturday @11:00am – noon EDT)

Chair: Yoga Shape Variations

This class explores a variety of yoga shapes (poses), including Moon Salutations, while seated in a chair. You are welcome to have a mat nearby if you would prefer to do them in a standing position. There’ll be some breath work and a bit of meditation (your choice). Have some oil or lotion handy, if available — we will give our hands some love with a “reflexology break”!  No other props are needed. (Led by Birgit Nagele, Saturday @12:30 – 1:30pm EDT)

Unique: Hindu Mythology in Yoga

Why is Hindu mythology linked to yoga and the postures? Who are the deities representing the qualities of nature? What posture names came from their stories? Join Julie Tuomisto-Bell  for a 1-hour storytelling experience and learn how the mythology behind the yoga poses is as fascinating as the practice of yoga itself. (Led by Julie Tuomisto-Bell, Saturday @2:00 – 3:00pm EDT)

Meditation: Whole Body Breathing

This embodied meditation begins with a gentle, seated movement sequence to ease areas of chronic tension throughout the entire body.  It then moves into a classic breathing and body-awareness practice that invites you to experience yourself as integrated, whole, complete, and completely present. (Led by Paige Gilchrist, Saturday @3:30 – 4:30pm EDT)

Gentle: Release the Issues in Your Tissues

If you’d like to explore simple ways to encourage greater support and ease in your neck & shoulders, (and maybe your life), this gentle, trauma-informed session might be the offering for you. The invitation is to explore being in your body, noticing what you’re feeling as we practice mindful movement together to release the issues in our tissues. (Led by Kris Moon, Saturday @5:00 – 6:00pm EDT)

Gentle: Flow & Unfold

This class is half seated flowy movement and half restorative. We can all benefit from taking time out of our days to chill out and let the body reset. In this class you will be guided into supported seated and reclined yoga postures after some short low impact movements for all levels. FLOW & UNFOLD brings deep relaxation and invites you to release and let go. The benefits of a restorative practice are endless. Some benefits can include: reduced cortisol levels, myofascial release, better quality sleep, less stress, and the list goes on and on. For this class, you will need a bolster, pillows, blankets and blocks, if you have them. If you don’t, then improvise with your props; get creative with what you have at home! It has no chaturangas and no impact. It can be done in a chair or on a couch if lying down is not comfortable or available to you. (Led by Kristen Rae, Saturday @6:30 – 7:30pm EDT)

Active: Ahimsa Flow

This slow flow class, suitable for all levels, brings to life the first principle of yoga: ahimsa, or non-violence. Opening and closing with meditation, we will connect our breath and our bodies in the present moment, cultivating love, respect and acceptance for our physical, energetic and spiritual selves. (Led by Maria Pramaggiore, Saturday @8:00 – 9:0pm EDT)


** Sunday, June 28 **

Active: Lofi Flow

Lofi Flow features chilled out beats synced up to your breath and movement. You will feel reset, reorganized, and good about who you are. (Led by Laurel Adair, Sunday @8:00 – 9:00am EDT)

Meditation: Guided Meditation

Jennifer will be offering a guided meditation to promote rest and relaxation. Participants are encouraged to find a comfortable position that enables them to relax for the duration of the session. In addition to the guided meditation, Jennifer will be offering peaceful and restorative Reiki energy to the group.(Led by Jennifer Bucolo, Sunday @9:30 – 10:30am EDT)

Stress Management: Sit, Stretch, and Relax

A calm, relaxing yoga class open to all levels and abilities. We’ll focus on stretching, breathing, relaxing the whole body and relieving pain in our heads, necks, backs, arms and shoulders. (Led by Johanna Tilly, Sunday @11:00am – noon EDT)