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September 18 & October 16

Stress Management

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About Johanna Tilley

I am Johanna, a mum, a yoga teacher specialised in pre- and postnatal yoga and yoga for stress and anxiety management, a hypno-birthing teacher, a postpartum doula, and a career/life advice coach for parents! I LOVE all these different things that I do and always give my all. I am based in Brussels, Belgium, but happy to work anywhere! In yoga, my passion lies in bringing yoga to those who need it but would probably not otherwise find their way to it. I bring yoga to offices and organisations to help people relieve stress and anxiety. The same goes for schools: for all staff, and kids, and teens of all ages. Using breathing, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, I support people in finding their inner calm so they can feel ready for anything coming their way. I love pre- and postnatal yoga as it is a way of reaching many women who are new to yoga and supporting them during a very special but also often overwhelming time in their lives. In these classes, I focus on mother, partner, and baby connection, as well as mental and physical wellbeing rather than fitness. These days, I have moved all my classes online — even my prenatal teacher training — and I love having people from all over join me.

Facebook: Johanna Tilly – Mum, Baby, Yoga & more

September 25 & December 4

Sound Meditation

This guided sound immersion meditation with Poonam will bring your awareness to your breath and manifest the calmness in your mind & body. With the use of deep resonator bowls that are specially hand crafted in pure bronze; these bowls emit long, sustaining and mild vibrations, that travel deep within your being. It would be helpful to use a mat or blanket to rest on. Consider lying down flat on your back, palms facing upwards. The session requires no previous experience or skill. If you are interested in relaxing through an immersive meditative experience, then look no further. So, relax and immerse yourself in the experience of pure, rich and energizing sounds created by our hand-crafted singing bowls.

About Poonam Bhasin

Passionate about yoga and wellness and a keen believer of the yoga philosophy and practice. Poonam is the founder of Dhyana-grha, which translates to Meditation House. Poonam is also a Certified Meditation teacher and Sound Healing practitioner, specializing in Yoga Nidra, Sound Immersion Meditations, and Sound Massages. Her journey to Dhyana took her to various places, externally and internally. Deciding to look within to reorder her time and live her passion to serve. She quit her high profile fashion/ retail job and decided to continue what she started in 2004! Her calling to Yoga and Meditation. A while later Dhyana- Grha was conceptualized and soon established in Vancouver B.C. @dhyanagrha offers a series of meditations, sound immersion via Zoom and in person and in-person sound massages in Vancouver. Visit and explore the range of services offered.

October 2 & November 13


These embodied meditations begin with gentle movement sequences, helping to ease areas of chronic tension and allowing your body to settle. Then they move to guided relaxation and visualization practices that invite you to rest into the nourishing and healing power of your breath, your body’s wisdom, and the natural world. The October session will tap into the energy of the full Harvest moon. The November session will gently cultivate gratitude.

About Paige Gilchrist

Paige has been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 20 years. She received her yoga teaching certification nearly a decade ago and went on to earn advanced certification in yoga therapeutics. She teaches public classes, leads workshops and retreats, works with private clients, and is on the staff of the teacher training program at Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, NC.

Her commitment to helping make yoga available to under-served populations includes leading a weekly class at a men’s medium security prison and coordinating yoga and wellness programs at a county jail. Paige’s classes are known for their meditative quality and deeply supportive and restorative atmosphere.

In response to students repeatedly asking for a way to “take a bit of class home,” in April 2019 Paige launched her podcast of free audio offerings, Embodied Meditation.

Facebook: Paige Gilchrist
Instagram: gilchristpaige

October 9 & October 23

Accessible Chair Yoga in Spanish

Accessible Yoga is an inclusive gentle class designed for anyone focusing on healing and stress reduction, regardless his/her condition or level of physical ability. This class offers a unique fluid combination of asanas (seated and standing), breathing practices and relaxation techniques that allow you to feel both relaxed and energized at the same time. The emphasis of the class encourages an inward connection and is an opportunity to cultivate ease in the body and quiet in the mind, that will give you a greater sense of wellbeing. Recommended props: a mat, a sturdy, stable chair, a blanket and a pillow.

Clase de Yoga Accesible

Yoga accesible es una clase suave e inclusiva diseñada para cualquier persona, independientemente de su condición o nivel de capacidad física. Esta clase te ofrece una combinación única y fluida de asanas (sentado y de pie), prácticas de respiración, y técnicas de relajación, que te traerán tranquilidad en la mente y al mismo tiempo energía y vitalidad. La clase es una oportunidad para desconectarse del estrés cotidiano cultivando presencia, atención plena y paz interior, que te darán mayor sensación de bienestar. Accesorios recomendados: un tapete de yoga, una silla estable y resistente, una manta y un cojín firme.

About Amma Fandino

Amma Fandiño, RYT500, MSc, has been a devoted yogini for over 28 years and a passionate biologist for 27 years. She holds a master degree in environmental sciences from Yale University and is a certified Integral Yoga and Accessible Yoga teacher. She is also trained in Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga for Arthritis, Yoga of Recovery, Lifeforce Yoga, Prison Yoga, and Mindfulness. Amma’s passion is to share yoga with communities with challenges and conditions of vulnerability on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Amma has been dedicated to teaching cancer patients and their caregivers. Amma´s inspiration is bestowing support to patients in order to improve their quality of life as well as their ability to cope with the difficult circumstances associated with the disease. Another facet of Amma´s vocation is teaching yoga to people with anxiety, depression, and addictions. Currently, she teaches in two prisons in Bogota. She dedicates her efforts to provide a space that promotes empowerment, rehabilitation, and healing of those deprived of liberty, as well as supporting their addiction recovery processes. Amma has contributed to the Accessible Yoga Program since 2015 and is a regional representative of the AY group in Spanish. As a Yoga Accessible Trainer, she feels honored and fortunate to support the training of yoga teachers in the Spanish-speaking community. She lives in Colombia with her husband and two kids and loves to spend her free time in contact with nature.

Sobre Amma Fandino

Amma Fandino, RYT500, MSc, ha sido una devota yogini por más de 28 años y una bióloga apasionada por 27 años. Con maestría en ciencias ambientales de la Universidad de Yale, es profesora certificada de Hatha Yoga Integral y Yoga Accesible. También cuenta con entrenamiento en mindfulness, yoga terapéutico, yoga para artritis, yoga para adicciones y depresión. La pasión de Amma es compartir el yoga con comunidades con desafíos y condiciones de vulnerabilidad a nivel físico, mental y emocional. Amma se dedica a enseñar a pacientes de cáncer y a sus cuidadores, apoyando el mejoramiento de su calidad de vida y su capacidad para asumir las difíciles circunstancias de la enfermedad. También ofrece clases en dos cárceles en Bogotá promoviendo espacios hacia el empoderamiento, la rehabilitación y la sanación de las personas privadas de libertad. Amma participa del Programa de Yoga Accesible desde 2015, representa al grupo regional de AY en español y hace parte del grupo de profesores del entrenamiento de Yoga Accesible apoyando la formación de maestros de la comunidad de habla en español. Vive en Colombia con su esposo y sus dos hijos y le encanta pasar su tiempo libre en contacto con la naturaleza.

October 30 & December 11

Yoga Mythology

The first session covers the three stories of Śiva: the rise of the warrior, Vīrabhadra; the birth of the Skanda, lord of war; and how Gaṇeśa got his elephant head. It will also include the story of 3 goddesses: Sātī, Umā and Pārvatī. The second session will tell the interesting stories behind the names of the animals.

About Julie Tuomisto-Bell

I have been practicing yoga since 1999. I started my practice in a hot yoga room and after 9 years of practicing decided to become a teacher. I received my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certification in 2010. I completed a 500-hour YTT training in 2013 with David E. Oliver and Cheryl Oliver, with an emphasis on the practice of aṣṭāṅga vinyāsa. While I have a regular āsana practice, my special interests are in the more subtle and spiritual side of yoga.

My teacher, Dave, awakened in me a deep passion for the Hindu mythology stories and their connection to yoga and the postures. These stories lend to insight into the relationships we build with others, as well as the relationship we have with our own selves. They can help us see that we are not alone in the challenges we might face throughout our life. I consider myself to be a student of yoga and am honored to be a part of this virtual yoga festival sharing my passions.

Facebook: Julie Tuomisto-Bell
Instagram: julietuomistobell

November 6 & November 20

Chair Yoga in Spanish

“Managing Uncertainty On & Off of the Chair”
With the current situation and everything that is going on in the world, there is no doubt we are living in uncertain times. Blending an active chair yoga class with breathing techniques, this yoga class will guide you through a series of postures to let your head get really quiet as you move from the body led space, trusting that this Body-Mind-Spirit being, that is You, knows exactly what it needs to come back to its centre helping you to manage uncertainty on and off of the chair. This class is open to beginner students. 

Silla de Yoga en español

“Aprendiendo a lidiar con la incertidumbre atraves de yoga en la silla”
En los tiempos en los que estamos viviendo y todo lo que esta ocurriendo en el mundo, es una epoca de muchos cambios e inestabilidad. Combinando la practica de yoga en la silla con ejercicios de respiracion, esta clase te ayudara a calmar la mente y dejar que el cuerpo se tranquilice consiguiendo una estabilidad fisica y mental, sin importar lo que ocurre en el exterior. Esta clase esta diseñada para principiantes de yoga en la silla.

About Sara Miguel De Hernandez

Sara De Miguel Hernandez from Flowithme lives in Cork, Ireland where she helps people to navigate their wellness journeys. Sara’s technique incorporates the practice of chair yoga, life coaching and cooking with Thermomix, helping her clients to reflect, rebalance and refocus in any area of their life. Sara works both with individuals online on a one-to-one basis and with larger corporate groups in English and Spanish.

Sobre Sara Miguel De Hernandez

Sara de Miguel Hernandez de la empresa Flowithme reside en Cork, Irlanda. Flowithme es una empresa de bienestar que ayuda a sus clientes a cuidarse haciendo yoga sentados en una silla, cocinando comida sana con Thermomix y mejorando la mente con la ayuda de Life Coaching. Sara trabaja tanto con clientes de forma privada o en empreas en ingles y en español.

Website: Flowithme
Facebook: Flowithme
Instagram: @_flowithme_
YouTube: Flowithme