TV Shows

Anyone can experience the benefits of yoga with our chair and gentle mat yoga video programs. On the You Call This Yoga Show, your teacher clearly explains and slowly demonstrates yoga practices for improved breathing, comfort, mobility and relaxation. We archive over 50 shows on our YouTube channel for your ease in choosing yoga practices to feel better anywhere.

The 30-minute shows are recorded in a number of settings – from Howie’s sunroom or backyard to relaxing travel locations. Live events are also available for viewing and learning about yoga.

You can learn insightful ideas and practices for daily living from yoga, meditation and wellness leaders who are interviewed on the weekly You Call This Yoga Internet TV Talk Show. Host Howie Shareff facilitates a mini-seminar with the solo guest – a local or international pioneer of yoga – about concepts for yoga that is accessible to all. A few of our diverse topics include pathways toward healing with imagery and breathing, engaging and connecting with others, adaptations to improve comfort and mobility, gaining awareness of trauma and emotional conditions in society and the classroom.

Visit our archive of shows to learn how you or anyone can experience the accessible, subtle and significant benefits of yoga.