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Yoga has helped me…in ways I never expected!

Like many people, I came to yoga in the 1990s mostly out of curiosity. And, like many people, I was interested in yoga for its physical benefits. For me, yoga’s best offer was a subtle promise to stretch my spine. As a short, small-boned woman whose grandmothers and aunts all had the shrimp-backed, sure signs…

Three Particular Benefits of a Yoga Practice

  As yoga gains in popularity, the claims of its benefits are numerous, ranging from the technically medical to the wildly metaphysical.  At times it seems like a cure-all, which can also make it appear over-rated and perhaps bogus. Yoga is a both a weight-bearing and stretching exercise so it is expected that it will…

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Transformation by Susan Kilmon

New, Healing Adaptive Yoga Classes Now Foster the Benefits of a Yoga Practice for Anyone