The Surprising Benefits of Livestream Yoga for Folks with Mobility Challenges

The Healing Power of Yoga

I would like to share a story with you…

SeniorsBeth C. found my chair yoga classes on FB live and is now a dedicated student. Five years ago, Beth had a cervical spine fracture resulting in right-sided paralysis and spasticity. She has been through years of rehabilitation and swims almost everyday in the Summer. Since early June, Beth and I have been meeting twice weekly on Zoom for 30-minute chair yoga sessions. Beth has shared with me that she is afraid of falling, even from a seated position. Moving the right and left sides of her body simultaneously can be challenging and scary. We have worked together and she has made amazing progress in body awareness, balance, range of motion and, most importantly, confidence and trust in her own body and her abilities. I am so impressed with her progress and willingness to challenge herself, despite her fears.


How Yoga Can Help Our Bodies Adapt

In Beth’s own words…

“Anita introduces an exercise and gets me used to it before adding more challenging steps. She explains each exercise and shows me the movements from several different positions. Intuitively, Anita knows where I might have faulted and helps me correct my movement. The best part of my involvement has been my improvement! I feel more confident of my balance. I can reach a little higher and most importantly, I can get into bed a little more easily. Thank you Anita!” – Beth C.

The article was specially written by Anita Haravon for You Call This Yoga.