Listening to Your Soul Voice

My Soul Voice

Over the past 15 years I have acquired a strong sense of listening to the voice of my soul, others may call it listening to your heart or your gut.

I have begun to rely on this voice as my trusted guide over the years. It led me to an Ashram over 6 years ago, which was life changing for me, as well as telling me when it was time for me to move on. It guided me to take the leap to the next phase in my life which most recently brought me to Rhode Island.

My soul also led me to my true love, the horse, the most majestic creature on the planet I have had the pleasure of connecting with. Horses represent power and true freedom and they can be our greatest teachers. I believe the horse came into my life at the perfect time to teach me true presence and patience. Teaching me how to show up in the world without an agenda and allowing the magic to unfold without trying to make anything happen.


I often ask my clients what in your life makes your heart sing when you are doing or experiencing it, or makes you feel like time stands still and nothing else matters? Sounds pretty amazing, huh?

Find What Makes Your Heart Sing

Most of my clients don’t have an answer and if they do perhaps they’ve experienced it in fleeting moments; in a sunset, seeing the grand canyon or even during great lovemaking, but imagine if you could have that feeling on a regular basis not just on vacation.

What would your life be like? In the past, as a single gal, I was always waiting for that special someone to arrive, someone to do all those exciting things that are on my bucket list with, including traveling all over the world. Eventually I grew tired of waiting and received a strong message from the Universe, which said “Do it Now!”

No time like the present. So, I listened and I took action. I started to live my life as if there was an expiration date on it. So many people live in the delusion that we will live forever. I’ll do it when the kids get older, when we save up enough money, when we retire…. but what if that day never comes? I started to live like I was dying.

Living without Regrets

I traveled to Hawaii and swam with the whales and dolphins in the open ocean. Then I ventured to Costa Rica and had quite the adventure there.  I recently flew to Europe, spent 2 weeks in London falling madly in love with myself and everyone and everything around me, and had the time of my life. I met amazing new friends, experienced wonderful things, and created many memories I will cherish always. Just me, myself and I!

I decided to have no regrets on this yogi’s death bed. I’m not sure exactly when it happened but I realized I wasn’t afraid anymore. I had been letting fear run the show for so long and had allowed fear to hold me back in so many ways. My new mantra became “TRUST more – FEAR no more”!!

How Can You Find and Listen to Your Soul Voice?

So how do I listen to my soul, you ask? It all starts with an inquiry. Ask a question, get quiet, and detach from the answer.

Some questions you might ask

“Where will I thrive, where will I do the greatest good? How can I best serve?”

“What am I most passionate about and what makes my heart sing?”

“What would it take to attract the perfect partner to me, to heal this condition, or  manifest the life of my dreams?”

Some activities you might do

Get out in nature, do some yoga, dance or spend time with animals.

Be open to new possibilities and new ways of doing things.

Have patience and ask these questions over a period of days, weeks or even months, and trust that all will be revealed to you at the perfect time.

Pay attention to the subtle messages, images that flash in your mind; you may hear a word or recall memories from the past. Stay open, the Universe is always communicating with us.

Start Embracing Your Soul Voice

Continue to stay in the question. Through letting go and trusting,  it will become very clear what you need to do or not to do as your next step.

Through trusting in source and believing the Universe has your back every step of the way, through the good, the bad and the ugly, all will unfold in perfect timing.

Perhaps it’s time to step away from a relationship or career that is no longer serving you.  Let go of negative self talk and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and take the leap of stepping into a new juicy chapter in your life!

What are you waiting for? Listen – Trust – Transform


This article was specially written by Victoria Haffer for You Call This Yoga.