Jonni Goodine, a participant in our yoga program, talks about her experience of participating in You Call This Yoga classes.

Margaret Martin frequently participates in our Adaptive Yoga classes.  In this  interview, she shares her thoughts about our non-traditional yoga program.


I have tried chair yoga and believe it can help anyone breathe and move better. As a family physician I found that safe, balanced activity helps the body and mind as much as any medicine. Sit Stretch Smile is a fun and easy practice to help anyone become more energetic, self aware and participate in life. I recommend chair yoga class to my patients and believe that Howie Shareff has found a remedy for inactivity at home or reducing stress in the office.
— Richard D. Adelman, M.D.
Howie an excellent yoga teacher. He can talk to you outside of class, ask you to put attention on the way one foot is turned, suggest and adjustment to the foot, ask you to follow that through the ankle, knee, and up, and suddenly you are standing an inch taller.
— Comment on Raleigh Reddit (http://www.reddit.com_