You Call This Yoga is dedicated to help the physically challenged and under-served improve their life with yoga. 

You Call This Yoga is for You

Yoga is a practice that is accessible for all people. Our programs combine safe, supportive chair and mat yoga practices with easy to follow breathing techniques. You will become more relaxed, aware, and able to breathe and move. This will help improve your comfort, confidence and ability to manage life. Many of our classes are free or by donation. Join us and feel better, anywhere.

Consider making an investment in the transformative programs You Call This Yoga offers the community and create the opportunity for for another individual in our community to benefit from yoga. Our partnership with YOGA for Youth will launch a pilot program for Wake County at Enloe High School in April. There’s no pressure and no amount is too small in helping You Call This Yoga expand its outreach.


What people are saying...  

Yoga has changed my life! After 8 knee & leg surgeries, 5 back surgeries and open heart surgery, I felt old, weak & handicapped. After 8 mos. of yoga, I am stronger, am able to do Tree pose for 10 seconds without the wall & can spend a few seconds in plank while Howie rattles off his awful puns. Most of all I learned yoga is fun!
— Margaret Martin
Margaret Martin

Margaret Martin

Jackie J.

Jackie J.

The stretches reduced tension in my shoulders and neck from job stress
— Jackie J. (age 45) Manager of a women's shelter

I have tried chair yoga and believe it can help anyone breathe and move better. As a family physician I found that safe, balanced activity helps the body and mind as much as any medicine. Sit Stretch Smile is a fun and easy practice to help anyone become more energetic, self aware and participate in life. I recommend chair yoga class to my patients and believe that Howie Shareff has found a remedy for inactivity at home or reducing stress in the office.
— Richard D. Adelman, M.D.