YogaFest Raleigh: Accessible Yoga for All

After 6 of 10 delightful classes completed, it is time to reflect, enjoy, and and prepare for more great energy in our community. We average over 100 attendees per class, and have been blessed by delicious weather. Our excellent volunteer teachers: Patricia Wigington, Roxane Banville, Monica Shannon, Christy Rutan, Jessica Mollett and Jen Davis delivered well structured programs that loosened up, energized and rejuvenated the class. Our Sponsors: Neomonde, Irregardless Cafe, Passport to Prana, Reliable Jewelry and Diane Henry Studio have provided services, treats, gifts, discounts and great support for accessible yoga. We have experienced pop-up services in chair massages from The Well Being, food from Neomonde, drinks from Starbucks and Happy & Hale, plus gifts from Bu Ku, Alexandria Buan and Passport to Prana.

The spacious Long View Center at Unity has been our backup venue, ready if needed.

Our attendees have been a diverse sampling of who can practice yoga. Skill levels ranged from people taking their first class to established practices, multiple generations of families participated with ages ranging from elementary to elder, all ethnic groups are represented, and some with physical challenges have participated, too. The group shared a collective energy that appeared as large smiles, loose bodies and calmer minds. Having a rest while looking as clouds at the end of class helps too.

As we start our second set of classes, we are excited about showcasing excellent teachers, providing a venue for affordable and accessible yoga and acting on our mission of helping physically challenged and underserved people improve their quality of life with yoga. We look to continue yoga programming in downtown Raleigh after we finish this round of YogaFest Raleigh. We are close to making this happen. Stay tuned in, our journey toward a healthier community advances everyday.