YFNC Teachers Highlight: Cindy Glass, Director of Bikram Yoga Raleigh

Cindy Glass will be leading a Bikram 101 session at YogaFest NC 2014. The session will provide information on what is Bikram Yoga? Why is the room heated? Why is a Certified teacher important? Why these 26 postures? This Bikram 101 class will guide you gently through the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.  These 26 postures help you combat a variety of afflictions from stress to insomnia to arthritis and back pain.  Class will be followed by a Q & A session.

Cindy Glass, Director of Bikram Yoga Raleigh

I stumbled into Bikram Yoga Raleigh in July of 2006 and my  life would forever be changed! The heat, sweat, mirrors and breathing exercises took my practice to a place it had never been before. 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises performed in a room heated to 105 degrees is an incredible experience. I was addicted and soon would complete an intensive 9 week teacher training requiring over 500 hours of study in Hawaii in the Spring of 2007.

I continue to learn with each class and return to teacher training annually to assist in posture clinics. I have attended Bikram yoga seminars led by Bikram Choudhury, known as the Father of Hot Yoga. As well as other Bikram Yoga Seminars led by Craig Villani, Rajashreee Choudhury, Mary Jarvis, Lynn Whitlow, Diane Ducharme and Joseph Encinia.

Because Bikram Yoga Studios are all over the country, I have been given the opportunity to travel and visited over 30 Bikram Yoga Studios, being a guest teacher along the way. My birthday in June 2010 created an opportunity for me to attend Bikram’s week long advanced training session in Las Vegas where I studied with Bikram and Emmy Cleaves (Bikram’s most Senior Instructor).

I am also a graduate of the Medical Arts Massage School in Raleigh, North Carolina; trained in Swedish, Deep tissue, Trigger Point Release, Myofascial Release, Hot Stone and Sports and Chair Massage.

YogaFest NC gave me a unique opportunity to educate and expose those interested in Hot yoga to the Bikram Yoga practice and my studio. It was a pleasure to teach a class at YogaFest NC to such and open and excited group of students.

Cindy Glass, Director



9650 Strickland Road, Suite 153

Raleigh, NC 27615