Wake Up with Chair Yoga at Dawn

Crazy? No.

Essential? Yes!

Filming for my TV show on Raleigh channel 10 (Mon. 6pm, Tue. 6:30) and YouTube “howie1055”, required special lighting, sounds and background. Shelley Lake in Raleigh, just after sunrise, provided a perfect setting: mist on the lake, a cool 55 degree temperature, filtered sunlight, birds singing and very few people.

There was only one obvious wildcard. The geese. Walking in alone with my gear, I found about 25 grazing along the path to my spot. Geese can be variable in the actions. Remember Hitchcock’s “The Birds”? Fortunately there were no goslings to protect or other people to inspire a deafening take off.

The chair yoga program was a swimming medley to build core strength, better breathing and balanced movement. We practiced the Back, Breast, Butterfly and Crawl Strokes. All without getting wet.

The geese were pretty cooperative. I had only time for one take due to the sun rising over the trees, mist evaporating, some geese action and people recreating in the park. And I was teaching a class in the same spot at 7:30.

Join our Meetup group at http://www.meetup.com/YouCallThisYoga/ for a complete schedule, including Adaptive Yoga at Moving Mantra Yoga Studio and chair & mat classes at North Regional Library.

If you aren’t a morning practitioner, then check out the current show, at 6pm Monday or 6:30pm Tuesday. “Chair Yoga at Shelley Lake” runs until June 19 and then a new show starts June 25. View chair yoga videos anytime on the on YouTube channel “howie1055”.

See you, or you see me, soon.