With Vita Planning LLC Your Future Starts Today

Photography by Anna Maynard

“Take advantage of yoga and YogaFest to enhance the way you live now and in the future while sharing it’s benefits with others.” – Bill Harmon

Bill Harmon, President of Vita Planning LLC and Vita Advisory LLC, has been part of the You Call This Yoga and YogaFest NC for over three years. Located in Chapel Hill NC, Vita Planning provides Life Insurance, Annuities, Retirement & Income Planning services. Bill Harmon is a thirty year veteran of the financial services industry providing secure financial futures  for individuals and families through safe saving solutions. Additionally, Bill is both a participant and sponsor of YogaFest NC, as well as a YCTY Board Member. He uses yoga to compliment his personal passion for martial arts.

Bill Harmon of Vita Planning is both a Foundational Sponsor and a Scholarship Sponsor — always paying it forward with giving others the opportunities to benefit from the practice of yoga!