Transformation by Susan Kilmon

Written by Susan Kilmon, RYT

Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher since 1997

Teacher at YogaFest NC 2012 and 2013

In 1993, I was diagnosed with reoccurring-remitting MS (multiple sclerosis; a disease of the central nervous system). My neurologist recommended daily naps and said that I needed to de-stress my life. That is when I made the choice to join a Yoga class for the first time. I met the most wonderful, nurturing, gentle teacher who taught Kripalu Yoga. I wasn’t sure why certain postures were done or why it felt good, it just did.

I began to feel a lot better when I laid down on the floor for a relaxation posture called Shivasana. At that very key moment I knew I was safe and in the best place possible for me. The bi-lateral numbness from the MS began to dissipate and eventually went into remission after a few more classes. I am happy to say that the MS symptoms have been in remission for the most part since beginning yoga. I also choose a healthier more balanced lifestyle…

I am now a Certified Kripalu Yoga teacher. I feel healthier and stronger than I did in my 20′s and 30′s. Kripalu Yoga has provided me with a multitude of essential mental, physical and spiritual health benefits. I teach seven classes per week and am blessed with many wonderful, compassionate students.

I believe that the greatest gift I received was to learn balance through my yoga practice. The balance of the mind, body and spirit has made the difference in my life. The practice of Kripalu Yoga has created many moments of awareness and the true meaning of peace. The transformation began the day I made the choice to join a Kripalu Yoga class.