Tips for Reaching an Outrageous Goal

Over the last year, I have focused on the creation of YogaFest NC, an all day yoga and wellness event. During this process, I stretched myself beyond my daily routine, breadth of relationships and knowledge base. The goal of sharing the benefits and practice of yoga with 250 attendees was achieved at the inaugural event. From these experiences, I offer three criteria that can help you to reach an outrageous goal.

Purpose: Does your goal directly benefit you, another or something much bigger than you? An article in the Wall Street Journal suggests asking this question: “is the idea for economic or social improvement?” Regardless of the answer, it is important to have a goal that resonates with other people. This greatly affects their desire to be part of your team. Once I was clear that my goal was for social and not economic gain, creating a yoga festival to unite the public with regional yoga and wellness teachers made sense. At the onset, the end results were easy to talk about but were still a fantasy. Along the path, I found that offering the yoga and non-yoga practicing community an opportunity to serve the public and unite people in learning and healing was a wonderful magnet for their participation and growth.

Passion: How hot is your internal flame? Your passion for your chosen purpose is the fuel that will accelerate the process. How closely your goal aligns with your core beliefs may determine how far you are willing to go. For me, YogaFest NC was the coalescence of all three legs my nonprofit’s mission. Think about how you have handled significant challenges in the past to avoid prior errors. Seek help from others to gain perspective and to make sure that your ideas are relevant to what people are interested in achieving. Consulting my close friends and advisers at the onset helped me refine plans along the way. Listen to and learn from the critics. Manage how many directions you proceed in and focus your energy on. Hire a specialist to assist you. A key component of the success for this event was engaging the service of a professional event planner.

Persistence: Can you take “no” for an answer? The ability to deal with rejection and then move past it is critical. Make an effort to not taking things personally when things don’t go your way. You can reduce the obstacles to moving forward by creating mutual channels of success with people or businesses to facilitate your mission. Address “what’s in it for them?” Assess and confirm that your purpose and passion are aligned with others. You may be surprised to find people are ready to help beyond your expectation when you learn a little about them and respectfully ask for their assistance. Inviting others to participate may require you to be flexible along the way. Flexibility does not mean sacrificing principle and integrity.

These are some guidelines that have helped me. I welcome your feedback, hearing how your story is unfolding, and the lessons that you have learned. Contact me at

Keep pursuing your passion.