Tapas, the Third Niyama

What is Tapas? It is dedication. It is fire. It is purpose. It means showing up, ready for what appears in front of you. Tapas is the third Niyama, or personal practice of yoga philosophy.

When you show up regularly for yoga practice, you will begin to notice small changes across areas of daily life. Perhaps it will be patience in driving, thanks to your ability to calm your breathing and to focus on deep full breaths at stoplights.

Student in Adaptive Yoga and Gentle Mat classStudent in Adaptive Yoga and Gentle Mat class

Marcia is a student at Adaptive Yoga and Gentle Mat, a class sponsored by You Call This Yoga. She says, “I am much more aware of using my core as I come to a standing position, and I am much more aware of using my mountain pose to increase my stability. When I get on a crowded subway, as I do over the holidays, I feel much more secure as I assume mountain pose!”


Student in Adaptive Yoga and Gentle Mat class


When you begin to notice these slight changes, you become more and more encouraged to keep showing up. These benefits lead to other positive changes with regular practice. Being able to relax while driving or finding Mountain Pose on a crowded subway platform will give you more time to notice what is around you, to soften into peacefulness and joy, and to express gratitude for what is good.

You Call This Yoga sponsors the Adaptive Yoga and Gentle Mat class so that it can be offered FREE to seniors in Wake Forest, NC.


This class meets on Tuesdays from Noon to 1:00 PM at Physiofit of NC at 12335 Wake Union Church Rd., #204, Wake Forest, NC.