Photoblog: Roxane Banville of Passport to Prana and Bright Tree Yoga

To me, yoga is serenity combined with inner and outer strength. The perfect example of this is my favorite pose, Toe Stand or Padangustasana.  It requires strength, steadiness and peace. – Roxane Banville

Roxane became a Modo instructor after an intensive 300 hour training in Piracanga, Brazil, studying directly under the Modo/Moksha Yoga International co-founders Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson. Modo yoga (known as Moksha yoga outside the U.S.) is a style of hatha yoga that consists of a series of about 40 poses, or asanas, beginning and ending with savasana.  Modo yoga is designed to be both accessible and challenging, supporting life-long health. Roxane is the Triangle representative for Passport to Prana, the original multi-studio yoga pass. It’s your ticket to the best yoga studios in North America.