New, Healing Adaptive Yoga Classes Now Foster the Benefits of a Yoga Practice for Anyone

Beginning September 5, 2012 at The Moving Mantra Yoga Studio, Dr. Howie Shareff, director of You Call This Yoga, will provide ongoing classes for students with limited mobility and beginners to calm the nervous system, support the body and encourage healing. Shareff has taught Adaptive Yoga at the studio for almost one year and shares this program with faculty at Wake Tech, staff at the NC Legislature, and our community at the Wake County Public Library and Helen Wright Woman’s Shelter.

Yoga practice can provide participants with the tools and techniques to calm the nervous system, reduce the body’s stress reaction and allow better body awareness and function. Adaptive Yoga utilizes all of the necessary yoga props to properly support the body in poses while on the mat or chair. This allows participants to settle in and explore what their bodies can experience when relaxed and focused.

“By observing my body in a supported position, I can focus on my breathing and body position and sensations, allowing me to better manage my arthritis and surgeries. This supportive practice can help anyone breathe better, reduce tension and calm their nervous system,” Shareff said.

An Adaptive Yoga practice incorporates a calm setting, a focus on breathing, gentle poses to calm or energize the body and meditation. Ongoing students in Dr. Shareff’s classes are dealing with issues including scoliosis, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, Arthritis and stress. Adaptive Yoga allows them to relax and refresh their bodies without strain from gravity and postural issues.

Adaptive Yoga:

Adaptive Yoga provides anyone an opportunity to calm and gently engage the taxed mind and body. Postural challenges, limited mobility and stress adversely affect quality of life. The classes offered by Dr. Shareff bring participants to a place of better body awareness, function and healing.

How to attend:

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About the Teacher

For 25 years, until 2007, Dr. Shareff practiced dentistry in a supportive, caring manner. He began practicing yoga 15 years ago to help deal and heal with his own physical challenges from sports, dentistry arthritis, and surgical complications; and to relax his mind. He began teaching locally and launched the non-profit in 2010 to increase awareness of the benefits of Adaptive Yoga.

Dr. Shareff just completed teaching Adaptive Yoga for nearly a year in the evenings at Moving Mantra Yoga Studio. He has open classes at the Wake County Public Library, Woman’s Shelter, and senior residences and for private groups. He provides Adaptive mat and chair yoga, and wellness based seminars at Wake Technical Community College, N.C. State Government agencies and private health fairs. He is available to speak to groups about the benefits of yoga and can be reached at