Moving from the Inside, Out – Experiencing Anatomy through Movement

Next time your yoga teacher asks you to “rest” in that Down Dog for just a few more breaths, look around you – no two Down Dogs are quite the same.

Excepting severe injury, genetic anomaly or deformity, we all have the same muscles pulling on the same bones to create the hip and shoulder flexion needed to assume the Downward Dog position.  What then, makes one person’s movement so different from another?  Or what makes the same movement different when done with a different orientation to gravity with a different point of contact (think of Half-Forward Fold, Staff Pose, Boat Pose or Legs-up-Wall, Half Handstand), or at a different speed (Iyengar vs. Power Vinyasa)?  The quality of our movement is determined by the various forces created by a muscle across a joint.  How a body part moves in response to these forces is different in each body and depends on a variety of factors.

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