Meditation in Motion

Do you find that walking or running on an elliptical machine or treadmill can be quite boring? I have, and prefer to not wear headphones to shut myself off from the world around me or watch TV on the monitors directly in front of me or around the room. What else is left to keep the fire burning and stay motivated while the legs keep pumping?

I have found that gazing into the red light power indicator of the TV on my machine can emulate the flame of a candle. Then I can practice the art of candle meditation. This allows me to keep my body in alignment, focus on my breathing, steady my gaze, and develop a meditation practice. I believe that all of the stimulation around me adds to the mental chatter that occurs within me. By creating this pointed focus, I foster a balance of calming my mind while exercising my body. I also incorporate my yoga breathing, using my nostrils, relaxing my face and my nervous system. The exhalation tends to be a bit longer than the inhale. I frequently will break up the exhale into three segments, with the final one being the longest segment, to fully clear my lungs of stale air.

This mindful process is very satisfying as the time passes quickly, my pace and calorie burn are heightened, and my head is a bit clearer. I recommend exploring this Guided Meditation site for more.  Or continue to explore this site for more helpful yoga practices.