Ease Your Mind with Barbara Vosk

Photography by: Marie Arondeau

Barbara Vosk, Ph.D., RYT is a yoga teacher with a psychotherapy practice and has been part of YogaFest since its inception. She continues to play a major role in the development of the event and has supporting it through marketing, sponsoring and teaching at YogaFest NC. Barbara is a regular student at Blue Lotus studio where she’s currently enrolled in the 500 hour teacher training program. Her daily yoga practice includes asana, pranayama and meditation.

On my mat is where I feel most connected to myself. The practice of showing up, listening inside and learning to accept what I find has been life changing for me. My yoga practice has helped me become a better partner, parent, therapist and person.

Almost all of her clients learn how to breathe deeply and slowly! Her intention is to explore the ways yoga and psychotherapeutic principles can be integrated. Barbara also contributes her teachings by offering classes and workshops on yoga for anxiety relief throughout the Triangle community. Currently she teaches a weekly Restorative Yoga class at Bliss Body Yoga and offers occasional karma classes.

Besides the fact that Barbara is married to Howie Shareff, the Director of You Call This Yoga, she continues her efforts with YogaFest NC because it provides her with a forum to reach a broad audience. At YogaFest NC, Barbara has an opportunity to teach the ways yoga techniques can help facilitate emotional balance. This year, Barbara is leading a “Yoga to Ease Your Mind” session.

I utilize mindfulness practices in working with my clients, and am especially interested in the ways yoga can be used to enhance emotional health and healing.

Barbara sees YogaFest NC as a unique opportunity to bring representatives from many studios together, offering exposure to a wide variety of classes and teachers.

There really is something for everyone. I love the energy created by hundreds of people who are excited about yoga and I can’t wait to be there again!