Create a New Habit in 30 Days

When it comes to starting a new habit, the idea of change is often intimidating. You may face or anticipate many physical, emotional and financial obstacles. Inertia is tough to overcome.

Have you ever been offered a free 30 day trial for any product or service? Of course you have. It is a great way to try before you buy. The 30 day offer can be construed as temporary and risk free. This provides you enough motivation to act now.

Consider offering yourself a 30 day trial offer. This would be a relatively brief commitment to the disruption of your status quo.

The benefits of this are that you actually establish a habit, break the old habit or pattern, build confidence with 30 days of success, and have feedback and results to gage continuing further.

Daily habits are the easiest to establish. The power lies in their simplicity. Often you are doing some form of them, anyway. Create accessible space; this could be physical, emotional or space on your calendar. Delegate a reasonable amount of time each day so as not to be rushed. Make an appointment with yourself or with a partner. Create some way to measure the process or result.

Be specific about your process or goal, yet consider the “firm in theory, flexible in practice” concept. You can foster similar, complimentary practices to keep your primary process fresh. Physical activity can be balanced with yoga. Meditation can be balanced with reading. Dieting could be combined with healthy shopping.

Before You Start

Develop a strategy with a beginning, middle and end before initiating the 30 day period. Your early and middle phases require a lot of discipline. Start with learning and understanding early on by reading, talking to people and writing a plan. You don’t have to attack the problem head on. Address the processes that reinforce the undesired habit. Then, build a list of tactics to create success such as changing activity venues and enrolling other people. Your end point is the readiness to change your habit.

After 30 Days

Congratulations. The empowerment that you have acquired by living a more disciplined life will carry you in other pursuit and passions. You have the option to continue, test a new habit and/or cancel your subscription.