Chair and Adaptive Yoga – Who Knew?

In an effort to improve my health, with the goal to reduce medications and excess weight, I embarked into yoga. Having some achy business, such as fibromyalgia and arthritis, I was concerned about doing anything to make my body worse. I researched and found that there were chair yoga classes via Meetup groups. Amazed that these classes sounded promising, I signed up.

I took two classes. One was jointly taught by Howie Shareff and Susan Kilmon at the class for MS, Neuro, and Joint Disorders and the other by Howie Shareff at the library. Both classes were helpful for me to learn how to do yoga from home in a chair. Imagine that!

After taking chair yoga, I found that I was able to apply the principles taught in the classes to my daily living skills. When I get in the car, I remember the way to properly align myself and hold the steering wheel. I am more mindful about how I sit and how to correct my posture.

I now take adaptive, gentle mat, and other classes to help me become more flexible and able to do more things than I imagined. If anybody would have told me that I could do a standing warrior pose without falling, I would have laughed. I recently found out that I can do this. It didn’t come overnight, but with practice.

Yoga has boosted my confidence and helped me to be more able bodied. My eating habits have changed as I manage my eating to prepare for what has now become a daily yoga practice. Weight is coming off steadily and I am over all a much healthier person than I was when I started practicing yoga.

I would like to encourage people to check out the videos on YouTube and the classes on Meetup. There are plenty out there to choose from. It has become one of the most important decisions I have ever made for my health.