Business Partners

Build Goodwill and Community Connection

As a service-based, regional non-profit organization, we are very interested in recruiting like-minded, relevant Business Partners to advance our mission and to share theirs. These business entities contribute funding and help promote our programs, which make a positive difference in people’s health and foster active, interpersonal engagement with each other. This connection to the community gives businesses the opportunity to build a legacy of health and wellness.

Gain Value for Your Business

For our Business Partners, You Call This Yoga will significantly promote the business throughout our media and may provide yoga and wellness education at their location. Our robust media channels include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, internet programming, monthly newsletter, and website.

Become a YCTY Business Sponsor

Contact our Director, Howie Shareff, to discuss potential business partnerships.

Business Partners

Active supporters of our mission

  • Barbara Vosk, Ph.D., RYT 500
  • Neomonde Deli & Catering
  • Irregardless Cafe & Catering/The Glenwood
  • Alliance Medical Ministry
  • Bliss Body Yoga
  • blue lotus yoga
  • Collegiate Funding Solutions
  • Reliable Jewelry