Balance of Consumption


We are consumers.

Have you ever taken a quiet minute to consider all that you consume in a day? Most people would likely instantly think of the food that they ate that day. True, the consuming of food is a necessary daily ritual, but what else are we consuming and why?

We consume a litany of things in one day. Think about it for just a moment; gas, oxygen, food, people’s time, money, energy, screen time are just a few to scratch the surface. It is good and necessary to consume some things, some of the time…but do we consciously manage our role as a consumer? What impact are we making on our world and on others when we consume? Is it positive, meaning we leave the situation better than we found it? Or is it negative, in that we leave a sense of depletion when we are through? Thought provoking questions and maybe something you have never considered before. I believe that if each soul can be consciously aware of our roles as consumers and always have a goal of giving back even as we take away…we can all make the world a better place. It is a delicate balancing act.

Another consideration when we consume is what “hole” are we trying to fill with what we are consuming. Very often in my practice, I see clients trying to fill a hole in their lives with food. Food has become an emotional tool for these individuals and it has created an imbalance in their lives because food was never intended to heal emotional wounds. Unfortunately, it is not always food. Many people often struggle with trying to fill a hole in their lives with the incorrect solution. It is like trying to fit a square peg through a round hole or using a bandaid when you need stitches. It can show up in many ways including: substance abuse, sex addiction, gambling addiction, recurring relationship issues, perfectionism, controlling behaviors, OCD and even being habitually late.

My intention for sharing this information with you is to help raise the awareness to the patterns of behavior in your life. Where are you out of balance in consumption? What behaviors serve you and which ones are holding you back from living your best life?

Jessica Flegel is a certified holistic health coach who guides, educates, and empowers individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing through real food, mindset and lifestyle management tools. Find out more at: