Crabtree Valley Mall at the height of the holiday season does not at first glance appear to be compatible with the focus and serenity of a yoga session.  But this group of yogis managed to have a pleasant practice together under the calm guidance of Howie.  The group gathered at 9:00 Athleta when the mall was mostly filled with rubber-treaded walkers.  The practice moved through a relaxing and strengthening class.  As we worked through the class, lead by Howie, we meditated together and eventually the hustle of shops opening brought us back slowly to the world.  We were refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to face the day.

Athleta is a purveyor of a wonderful selection of yoga attire and is a proud sponsor of YogaFest 2014.  We appreciate the wonderful support of sponsors like Athleta and encourage you to stop in at their Crabtree store and show them some love. Check out their great selection of yoga clothes and be sure to sign up for YogaFest NC on March 22, 2014.  YogaFest is the Triangle’s annual yoga and healthy lifestyle conference established by You Call This Yoga and enabled by sponsors like Athleta. 

Hope to see you there, and thanks to Howie for a calming session at Athleta during a busy time of year.