Ingrid Saddler-Walker

Ingrid Walker.jpg

Ingrid is a Licensed School Counselor with sixteen years of experience in Durham Public Schools and a registered Children’s Yoga Teacher.  Her training includes Radiant Child Family Yoga School in Herndon, VA, where she was trained to teach differently-abled children and children with ADHD, LD, and autism; Yo-Kids Stretch Your Limits in Alexandria, VA; Street Yoga Training in Portland, OR; and Yoga4Classrooms, where she trained to teach yoga in school settings. She is also trained in Mindfulness Base Stress Reduction for school-aged children,  Mindful Schools K-12 Curriculum, and Mindful Schools Fundamentals.

 She has practiced yoga for six years and has taught yoga to children in the Durham YMCA After-School Program, the Durham Parks and Recreational Centers After-School Program, and at various Day Treatment Centers for children with behavior problems. During the summer, Ingrid operates a creative yoga camp for children 6-12 years old. She is the owner of WythaBalance Yoga – Counseling LLC, located at 5117 Highgate Drive, Durham, NC 27713.