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Yin Yoga for Spring Energy

Teacher:  Andrea Dyer

This session will focus on the liver/gall bladder meridians to support the process of leaving hibernation behind and preparing for the more Yang months ahead.   Liver/gall bladder energy relates to the joints and muscles of the body as well as the eyes. Energetically, harmony in this meridian pair can help us see clearly in setting goals, creating plans and making sound decisions.  Emotionally, this practice will help bring compassion in to balance out anger and frustration that can come from liver/gall bladder imbalances.  Poses are done sitting or lying down and are sustained passively for approximately 5 minutes.  Mindfulness techniques are applied to make this an inquiry beyond the physical sensation produced in the poses.  It is helpful to have a yoga blanket and a block for this practice.  Suitable for all skill levels.

Later Event: April 2
Gentle Yoga with Guided Relaxation