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San Kalpa: Creating Change

Teacher: Jill Sockman

As human beings, we generally don’t change even when we are uncomfortable, as our discomfort is embedded with familiar patterns that we know and trust, even though they are dysfunctional. What eventually sparks change is when fear of the unknown and all that it entails becomes less painful than staying the same.  So, as yogis, what tools do we have at our disposal to generate the momentum of change before we get to that point? How can we use our awareness, discernment, discipline, and dedicated self-study to be walking in alignment with our soul’s unique purpose, living out the truth of whom we are meant to be more of the time? Enter San Kalpa, an active tool to connect you to your soul’s purpose to create positive change in your life.

This off-the-mat session will combine lecture, discussion, meditation, journaling and group work to help you uncover the answer to your own question of “What’s next?” Come excavate the very next piece of the puzzle, note in the symphony, or word in the book that is your most authentic, rich, and deeply fulfilling life. Please bring a journal and pen, as well as cushion or blanket to sit on.

Later Event: April 2
Gentle Yoga with Guided Relaxation