In our attempt to make the benefits of yoga available to everyone, especially those with special needs, You Call This Yoga reaches out to a wide range of people in many ways.  Our regular offerings include:

Public yoga classes

We offer yoga classes to the public, free or by donation, that include chair, adaptive, and gentle mat yoga, plus basics of breathing and meditation practices. Most of our classes are hosted at the North Regional branch of Wake County Public Library, Ladies Fitness & Wellness, Humana Guidance Center, or in downtown Raleigh.  You can find all our public classes on our on our calendar.

Private classes for groups or individuals 

Our teachers travel (mostly) within Wake County, NC to educate under-served communities about yoga and healthy living practices.  We currently teach private classes to active and assisted-living seniors, uninsured or Spanish-speaking individuals, women in temporary housing, and people with physical challenges.  Prior programs have helped adults with delayed skills and people who have experienced brain injuries, suffer from work stress, or continue to manage weight loss. We welcome your inquiry or referral to help those in need.  

Seminars for work-site wellness

We help businesses improve their team’s wellness, focus, and productivity by sharing chair and adaptive yoga practices at their work site. Typically held as a one-hour “Lunch and Learn” session in a shared and relaxed setting, the program includes proper body alignment while seated or standing as well as techniques to adjust your chair and workstation for preferred positioning and reduced physical strain. This program can also include individual desk-side evaluations.

Yoga videos and TV shows

Our yoga videos enable everyone of every ability to practice at home.  Since 2006, our Director Howie Shareff has been producing yoga videos that focus on specific benefits gained by yoga practice, such as reducing stress, improving mobility, and releasing tension.  They are available to everyone on our Videos page or on our YouTube channel, where we host a library of our own yoga videos and those of other wonderful teachers.

Since 2012, Public Access TV, Raleigh Television Network Channel 10, has aired the “You Call This Yoga Show”. We have a new show each month that is aired twice a week.  You can find these shows listed on our class calendar

Special events

Our large-scale public events unite the diffuse yoga communities in the Triangle area, introduce hundreds of new students to accessible yoga practices,  and promote safe, affordable, and adaptable yoga.  We held our first YogaFest NC daylong retreat in 2012 and it has since grown to 500 participants and over 35 exhibitors.  It is returning for the third year to the McKimmon Center at North Carolina State University.  Check out YogaFest NC 2015!    

YogaFest Raleigh began in 2013 to provide a showcase for local teachers, an opportunity for local businesses to be promoted, and free, gentle yoga for the public. We plan to return to Raleigh’s City Plaza in 2015, with a shift toward donation-based classes to support specific yoga programs in the community.  

In December 2014, we hosted our first Jewgafest to reach people who were curious about (or already inspired by) Jewish spirituality and yoga practice. 250 attendees enjoyed a variety of yoga classes, information sessions, meditation, singing led by 10 teachers of Jewish descent. The event also served as a fundraiser for Jewish Family Services of Wake County, which helps families of many faiths.  

Books, articles, posts

We continue to spread our message in print and on the web.  We frequently publish articles about yoga and healthy lifestyle practices in our blog and newsletter.  We also maintain a Facebook page and Twitter account where we welcome you to join in the conversation and share your news and insights with us and with our followers. 

Our Director Howie Shareff wrote and published Sit Stretch Smile, a 64-page book that contains four series of stretches, ranging from beginner to very skilled, to foster and expand a chair-based yoga practice.  It is available on Amazon in several formats, including DVD.