Private classes

To provide private yoga classes for special needs groups, which are usually at a shelter, senior community, school or residence, we either research potential recipients in Wake County or receive invitations from local groups who want to provide adaptive chair and gentle mat yoga classes to their community. We prefer for the host group to provide the teacher stipend but, if this is a hardship, we will split the cost with them. In either case, we review the needs of the group, the location, our teacher availability, and budgeting to determine if it is a good fit. We then set up a trial period for the program, preferably two months. Based on the projected and actual participation, we will evaluate whether the class is appropriate and plan with our host to continue or end the class.

Public classes

We also develop a limited number of yoga classes for the general public with attention to demand, existing yoga services, and the availability of space and teachers. These classes are for all skill sets, with a focus on gentle, body-alignment based practice. They are offered free or by donation, typically in informal settings such as a park, the public library, or an open public space, greatly lowers the cost of participation. For free public programs, we often cover the teacher stipend. We advertise these classes on our website calendar.

Health fairs, demos, seminars

We offer our services, at no charge, to demonstrate basic yoga practices and desk-side wellness at community health fairs, events, and meetings for groups in the Wake County area with special needs. We also provide both public agencies and private businesses with guest yoga teachers who can serve as speakers or lead demonstrations and classes. We accommodate as many requests as we can, depending on teacher availability.

Yoga videos and TV shows

Using an iPhone, we record some segments of our classes, events, and programs.  After processing, we share the videos with our guest teachers and hosts and then publish them on our YouTube channel, Facebook pages, on our website, and in our newsletter.  In addition, we produce a new yoga video each month at our “home studio” (Howie’s home) or a local park. We receive generous support from our local partner Video Contact, Inc. to complete the production. We broadcast these videos on Raleigh Public Access television channel 10 and upload them to our YouTube channel.

Continuing communication and outreach

We advertise all our public classes and events on our website, in our blog and newsletter, as well as in Meetup groups, on social media, and in community calendars.  We produce high posters, flyers, and brochures to hand out and post in public locations.