Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are local professionals with yoga, business, legal, and event management skills who guide the organization’s growth. They understand and enjoy the benefits of yoga, and are committed to advancing our mission. They help plan our programs, enroll partners and participants in our projects, evaluate potential Board members, and inform people about the accessibility of yoga for anyone. Their weekly time commitment can range from 1-2 hours, working together in small committees and meeting individually with the Director.


We have four primary committees that meet as needed.

  • Communications is our most active group, requiring ongoing coordination of social media, class and program listing, newsletter creation, web site maintenance, etc.
  • The fundraising committee scrutinizes grants, reviews them with our Director, and selectively recruits funding sources for our programming.  
  • All Board members are part of the search committee for recruiting new Board members. We seek people with particular skills to complement our current blend and who are committed to sharing and advancing our mission, with a preference people who practice yoga.
  • Our event committee includes an event manager and an advisory team.  They engage our design, printing and distribution teams who have worked together for years.  Work on our signature event, YogaFest NC, begins nearly a year in advance, while other events, such as YogaFest Raleigh, take several months to develop and produce.


We benefit from the insight and advice of several individuals who believe in our mission. Our team of capable, pro bono advisors has included: Jill Sockman, Director of blue lotus, who continues to serve on our Board; Fred Gebarowski, Director of the Wake Technical Community College Small Business Center who helped with marketing; members of SCORE (senior core of retired executives) in Raleigh who helped us develop our business plan; and an attorney who was affiliated with the NC Center for Nonprofits and instrumental in our acquisition of a 501c3 nonprofit status in 2010. Because of the altruistic mission of our organization, we qualify for counseling from Wake Technical Community College Small Business Center.

Contractors and partners

Our extended community includes several skilled and generous individuals who run their own businesses and offer us their services at affordable rates. We have been fortunate to work with Diane Henry Studio, Video Contact Inc., and Warren the Printer for many years. They have skillfully shared our message and image and generous with their time and talent.  We rely on donated space to run our organization.  We produce our yoga videos primarily in Howie’s house and hold our meetings at public locations that are centrally located, at a teacher’s studio, or at a client’s place of business.  As a 501c3 nonprofit, the You Call This Yoga show airs on cable-access television, Raleigh Channel 10, at very little cost. We also receive a reduced rates at the McKimmon Center at North Carolina State University, our location for YogaFest NC.


Our organization relies on skilled and dedicated volunteers to help deliver our services. We provide a supportive, growth-filled experience for those who join us.  Volunteerism starts from the top with Director Howie Shareff and our Board of Directors. To recruit people to help deliver our programs and serve on our committees, we reach out to our partners, interns from North Carolina State University and Meredith College, instructors from the community, and students from our classes and programs.  We are grateful for the dozens of yoga teachers who donate their time and skills to our weekly classes and special events.