You Call This Yoga became a 501c3 non-profit organization in 2010 with the general intent to create yoga programs for the healing of our society and a specific mission help the physically challenged and under-served improve their life with yoga. Since then we have developed into a growing yet sustainable organization.

How we provide services to the community

Find out how we develop our public and private classes, how we help businesses and organizations promote health and wellness, how we reach people who cannot come to class or wish to practice at home, and how we spread the word about all the good things we do.  Read more ==>

How we raise funds for our programs

Learn about the special events we produce to generate revenue, the partnerships we have with businesses that raise money for their causes as well as ours, and the roles that product sales, donations, and grants have in our funding.  Read more ==>

How we manage our organization

It takes a lot of people to mange our organization…and every one of them is important.  We have a Board of Directors, many people serving on our committees, advisors, partners, volunteers, and teachers.  Learn how we recruit, divide the work, and succeed at reaching our goals.  Read more ==>